Evaluation Process

1) Discovering the need for an A2Z evaluation

In the process of looking for new educational or professional opportunities, you have approached an educational institution to learn about admission requirements, a professional board to obtain a professional license, an employer to qualify for a new position, or an immigration office or attorney to apply for a visa in the United States and have discovered that because of the fact that you were educated outside of the United States, you need to contact A2Z Evaluations, LLC, one of the listed recognized international credential evaluation services, to apply for an international credential evaluation, which determines the U.S. equivalency of your international credentials.

2) Applying for an A2Z evaluation

You visit the A2Z website to determine what types of evaluation services you may need, fill out an A2Z application form, pay for the services by credit card, check or money order and submit your original official international credentials to A2Z Evaluations, LLC. You contact A2Z Evaluations, LLC by phone, email or SMS or schedule an in-person consultation if you have any questions or concerns regarding the evaluation process.

3) A2Z Evaluations, LLC evaluates your international credentials

A2Z Evaluations, LLC sends you an email confirmation when your application has been received, contacts you in case the application (application form/documentation/payment) is incomplete and informs you by email of the A2Z evaluation number and the estimated date of completion.

It then takes approximately two weeks to determine the U.S. equivalency of your international credentials by confirming the credentials' authenticity, consulting references in the office library and online, taking advantage of extensive experience in the field of international credential evaluation and applying the evaluation policies of A2Z Evaluations, LLC relevant to your particular credentials.

The same day the evaluation is completed, A2Z Evaluations, LLC sends you an email notification together with an electronic copy of the evaluation report and places the official evaluation report, an unofficial copy and the original official documents in the mail to you and/or the designated institution. If so instructed, A2Z Evaluations, LLC will provide an electronic copy of your evaluation to the institution you are applying to.

4) Applying to the educational institution, professional board, employer, or immigration office

If you have not already formally applied to the educational institution, professional board, employer, or immigration office that is going to receive the A2Z evaluation, do so now. Please be aware that the A2Z evaluation may not be the only item required for a successful application. Some institutions may ask you to supply a separate application, payment of an application fee, a resume, letters of reference, or legal forms of identification, or they may ask you to sit for a standardized test.

5) The educational institution, professional board, employer, or immigration office notifies you when your application has been accepted.

A2Z Evaluations, LLC wishes you the very best in achieving your educational and professional goals. If you find that A2Z Evaluations, LLC may be of further assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact A2Z Evaluations, LLC again.