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Please choose from the list of "Services & Fees" on the left side of this page, beginning with " Evaluation Reports". Click on other services, such as "Rush Services", "Additional Credentials" and "Official Copies", if you would like to add other items to your order. Then follow the checkout instructions.

The application form is located on the checkout page.

Payment can be provided by credit card, debit card, check or money order.

After you have chosen the services, completed the application form, provided payment information and placed your order, you will receive an automated email receipt.

Step 2 of 2: Submit international credentials

In order for A2Z Evaluations, LLC to be able to determine the authenticity of your international credentials, please submit - by mail or in person - the original official transcript and degree certificate that were issued to you by each international educational institution you attended. (The original official documentation will be returned to you as soon as the evaluation has been completed.)

As an alternative, you are welcome to contact each international educational institution you attended and request that your official transcript or certified copies of your official transcript and degree certificate are mailed in an official envelope directly to A2Z Evaluations, LLC.

The address of A2Z Evaluations, LLC is:

A2Z Evaluations, LLC
216 F Street, #29
Davis, CA 95616

When the original official international credentials arrive at A2Z Evaluations, LLC, you will receive an email notification to verify that your application is complete. The email will include the evaluation number and the estimated date of completion of your evaluation.

Contact A2Z if you have any questions or concerns about the application process.