1) How do I apply for the evaluation?

To apply, please click on " Apply Now".

2) Can I submit electronic copies of my international credentials?

No, A2Z Evaluations, LLC does not accept electronic copies, if they are provided by the applicant. However, an official representative of the international educational institution you attended is welcome to submit an official electronic copy of your transcript directly to the email address of A2Z Evaluations, LLC.


1) If I want to mail the documentation by postal service or private courier to A2Z Evaluations, LLC, which address do I use?

A2Z Evaluations, LLC
216 F Street, #29
Davis, CA 95616

2) If I want to drop off the documentation in person, where do I go?

A2Z Evaluations, LLC
216 F Street
Davis, CA 95616

3) Will the documents be returned to me?

All of the original official documents will be returned to you as soon as the evaluation has been completed.


1) Is the U.S. grade point average (GPA) automatically included in the evaluation?

The GPA is automatically included in every course-by-course evaluation.

Official Copies

1) How can I order another official copy of the evaluation report?

Official copies can be ordered for the first twelve months after completion of the initial evaluation.

A) Choose the category “Official Copies” from the list of “Services and Fees” on the left side of the homepage and add the service “Official copy of evaluation” to the shopping cart;
B) Click on "Proceed to Checkout";
C) Enter the billing information;
D) Enter the mailing address for the official copy under "shipping information";
E) Choose the shipping method;
F) Complete the payment information;
G) Enter the A2Z evaluation number for your evaluation in “Order Comments”; and
H) Click "Place Order".

You do not have to complete the application form.

Official copies are usually mailed out within two business days after receipt of the online order and payment.

You will receive an email from A2Z Evaluations, LLC confirming that your order has been processed.


1) Does A2Z Evaluations, LLC offer translation services in addition to evaluation services?

A2Z Evaluations, LLC does not offer in-house translation services.

If your international credentials were not issued in English, please obtain an official word-by-word translation of your credentials from a professional translation service prior to submitting your application for an evaluation. Translation services can be found at and

Turn-around Time

1) What is the regular turn-around time for A2Z evaluations?

The regular turn-around time is approximately three weeks.

2) Do you offer a faster service?

A2Z Evaluations, LLC offers a one-week, three-day, two-day, one-day, and same-day rush service for an additional fee.

3) Why are some or all rush services temporarily not listed online?

If the International Credential Evaluation Specialist is temporarily unable to guarantee completion of a certain rush service, the rush service will not be offered online. As soon as the rush service becomes available again, it will be listed online.

4) If A2Z Evaluations, LLC is temporarily closed, is the turn-around time affected?

A2Z Evaluations, LLC may close temporarily, if the International Credential Evaluation Specialist is unavailable for professional or personal reasons. The office is never closed for more than ten business days, so that the regular turn-around time of approximately three weeks is not affected. Rush services that cannot be guaranteed, will temporarily be unavailable online.