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General evaluation
General evaluation
Fee: $245.00


This fee covers the general evaluation of one international educational credential (credential = degree/program).

Please click on Additional Credentials if you are providing more than one credential for evaluation.

This type of evaluation includes the following elements: evaluation number, date the report was completed and purpose of evaluation; your name, date of birth and gender; and summary of evaluation; as well as the following information for each international educational credential you are submitting to A2Z Evaluations, LLC: country of education, title of credential, date the credential was awarded, name of institution, period of attendance, type of program, language of instruction, U.S. equivalency of the credential and comments, if any.

IMPORTANT: This type of evaluation does NOT include a list of the courses you may have completed as part of the international educational programs described in the evaluation. If you need an evaluation, which includes a list of all courses completed and a grade point average (GPA), please refer to "course-by-course evaluation".